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    that's why we're Making Care Easier

We're Making Care Easier No Matter Where You Are!



Introducing MCE for Android and iPhone


Caregiving doesn't just happen at home, so we're proud to announce the
launch of Making Care Easier's free Android and iPhone mobile apps.
Everything you need is now in one place and help is just a click away.

  • Create and manage tasks
  • Communicate with your entire care team
  • Access your emergency plan
  • Find products that make caregiving easier


Connected for Caring

Whether you are in front of your computer or on the go, you'll have access to the information you need to make caring easier. The MCE app helps you share messages, care updates, tasks and information with friends and family. Enter information online or on your phone to help manage caregiving.

Build your Care Team

MCE helps you reach out to friends and family members to join your care team. Whether you are online or on the app, you can invite friends to help you share the care.


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