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    that's why we're Making Care Easier


Welcome to the first step of Making Care Easier

In the US alone, there are over 43 million people caring for someone 50+ and over 120 million providing unpaid care. With families spread across the world, caring for aging parents has never been more difficult.

To meet this challenge, Making Care Easier (MCE) provides a permanent home for you and your family to coordinate care and maintain family relationships. Whether you are coordinating with family, sharing personalized information or finding the right products and services for your needs, MCE's tools help make caring easier.

Best of all, it's free and easy to use! In just a few steps, your entire family can help share the care:

  1. REGISTER - quickly and easily identify your situation
  2. INVITE - family members or friends to join your care team
  3. PREPARE - Store what information is important to your family
  4. PLAN - Quickly create care and emergency plans

Within minutes, families can reach out to one another to share what's going on, what needs to be done and set up a plan for caring.

For Caregivers - By Caregivers

Our success is helping you help others. MCE is working to improve the way that families are caring for their elderly parents and we need your help. We want to provide caregivers with the information and tools they need to get their entire family involved in caring and we want to hear from you!

To make caring easier, we want to find out what works for you. How do you communicate with your family? Are there tools that you would like to see (like ordering supplies online or being able to virtually check in)? What do you like or hope to see from MCE?

Please take a moment and share your insights. Click here

The Best is Yet to Come

As a member of MCE, you are part of a group that is changing the way families care for their loved ones. We're working with caregivers and their families to develop the tools and support they need and we're just getting started!

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